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Electric car purchase misunderstanding
- Aug 22, 2018 -

When many users purchase electric vehicles, they will blindly pursue and enter a lot of misunderstandings.

Myth 1: Pursuit of the speed of electric vehicles. The current electric vehicle standard, which stipulates four-wheel electric vehicles, should not exceed 50 kilometers (limit motor power). Some people are pursuing high speed (50-80 km/h) when they buy a four-wheeled electric car. Driving a four-wheeled electric vehicle with a high speed exceeds the standard, there is a great safety hazard.

Misunderstanding 2: Pursue a big trip. When people choose electric vehicles, they are required to have large batteries. The battery capacity is large, and its own weight is heavy. It has a great threat to the braking performance of the car. It is very difficult to brake in an emergency. Moreover, if the battery is to be replaced after the warranty period, the cost is also high. Secondly: people driving a four-wheeled electric vehicle is only a function of transportation. The scope of activities is also near the home. Generally, it will not exceed 100 kilometers. Therefore, the general itinerary is more than enough, and there is no need for a big trip. The four-wheeled electric car with a large stroke is useful to office workers and is actually a waste to people.

Misunderstanding 3: The pursuit of cheap prices. As a new energy vehicle product, electric vehicles are different from ordinary products, and their safety performance and after-sales service considerations should be based on all considerations. Some cars may have similar appearances, but the price is much worse. The key is that the configuration and safety of the car are very different. In addition, in terms of after-sales service, we must consider:

1. Timeliness and effectiveness of after-sales service of four-wheel electric vehicle manufacturers;

2. In case of the warranty period, after the model is discontinued, some accessories can be obtained. Many of the accessories of the four-wheel electric vehicle are special parts, that is, each brand of four-wheel electric vehicles has different accessories. If the factory closes after a few years, can you still enjoy the after-sales service? Therefore, it is recommended to select the models with more common parts (such as tires) in the whole vehicle parts, so as to facilitate self-maintenance in the future.

Misunderstanding 4: Pursuit of high-power motors. People think that the higher the motor power, the better the car and the ability to climb. This is not the case. High-power motors have speeds of 30 km or even 50 km. Such vehicles rely on lowering the voltage output of the motor to achieve shifting. When the voltage drops to 24V, its output power is much less than 100W, and its ability to climb the barrier is almost zero. So you can often see that some electric cars, although they are very powerful, can't climb the slope of the underground garage. That's the reason. Therefore, it is not the power that is steeper, but the output power at low speed.

Therefore, to buy an electric car, you must first be safe. The second point is to buy a car with a guarantee. Remember not to enter the purchase error.