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Electric car polishing step
- Aug 21, 2018 -

When the electric car paint film loses its luster and the waxing is not used, we have to consider polishing. It can be carried out according to the following steps.

1 Preparation before polishing. The dust and dirt of the electric vehicle body paint surface are completely cleaned, showing the original shape of the paint film, so as to facilitate polishing according to the damage of the paint surface; covering the window glass and the wiper with a large towel.

2 After the sponge polishing disc is fully wetted with water, it is installed on the polishing machine, the polishing machine is adjusted to a suitable speed, and the Ss is idling to remove excess water.

3 Shake the polishing agent, pour some onto the sponge polishing disc, and apply the polishing agent evenly on the painted surface of the electric vehicle.

4 Start the polishing machine, gently place the polishing sponge polishing disc on the lacquer surface, keep it tangential to the lacquer surface, the strength should be appropriate, the speed should be kept constant, and the straight line moves back and forth along the lacquer surface, and the long trajectory of the polishing disc passes. Cover one third of each other without leaking large areas of paint. Polishing in the proper order from top to bottom, the entire polishing process should not be interrupted, in one go. The polishing disc and the lacquer surface are kept at a normal temperature during polishing.

5 The corners of the paint surface are not suitable for polishing with a polishing machine. It can be polished by hand and the dry towel is polished with a polishing agent. When using manual methods to polish corners and corners, do not use too much force, because the corners and corners of the paint film are thin, too much force will cause paint damage. Note: The plastic parts of the electric car body should never be polished.

6 After the body finish is polished, wipe the polished area with a cotton towel.

7 If the polishing agent does not contain antiseptic ingredients, it needs to be waxed after polishing. After polishing the body, a layer of polishing brightening agent is applied, and after the brightening agent penetrates into the paint, the reduction changes occur, so that the paint film achieves a new effect.

8 after the acceptance of polishing. After the body is polished, if the color of the body surface is the same, the light emitted is very natural. Compared with before polishing, the gloss is obviously improved. It looks like the new car, which means the polishing effect is better.

Be cautious about the polishing of electric cars, which directly affects the aesthetics, so the owner has no experience, if you do not want to regret yourself to find professional help.