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Economic, environmental, and easy to promote transport
- Jun 06, 2018 -

With the continuous increase of dual pressures on resources and the environment, electric vehicles have become the development direction of the future automobile industry. Although China's electric vehicle industry has made great progress, there is still a certain gap between the key technologies and overseas automobile giants. Judging from the current market capacity and technical level in China, low-speed electric vehicles have the advantages of good economic performance, energy conservation and environmental protection, resource conservation, low cost of use, and convenient charging, and are the most economical, environmentally-friendly and easiest-to-promote traffic in second and third-tier cities. Tools are the strategic choice for China to achieve green transportation.

Actively developing low-speed electric vehicles has long-term strategic significance. From a practical point of view, low-speed electric vehicles are the best products to promote the industrialization of China's electric vehicles and open up the large-scale consumer market for electric vehicles. From the perspective of long-term development, the core technologies of high-end electric vehicles are upgraded through the upgrading of low-speed electric vehicles. With the introduction of the national energy-saving and new energy vehicle subsidy policy, the strategic route for China's key support for pure electric vehicles is basically determined. The pure electric vehicles that are currently on the market or are about to enter the market are all high-end electric vehicles. The prices are mostly above 150,000 yuan, and some even reach more than 200,000 yuan. Even if they enjoy state subsidies, most people still feel that the price is biased. High, and worried about the lack of charging facilities and battery mileage problems, resulting in the company has been on the "announcement" of pure electric vehicles can not be introduced to the market, individual listed products have not been recognized by consumers. On the contrary, low-speed electric cars have been favored by many consumers because of their low price and high quality.