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Do Street Legal Electric Carts need an engine?Why?
- Sep 14, 2018 -

Do Street Legal Electric Carts need an engine?Why?

An electric car has an electric motor, which, to put it simply, is like the battery of an electric car.

First, the motor that drives the wheels directly is called the hub motor, which porsche used more than 100 years ago.At that time, the internal combustion engine was used to drive the hub motor, but later the hub motor was abandoned due to high cost, low energy efficiency, and trouble in maintenance. Instead, the internal combustion engine and transmission were adopted to drive the vehicle.

Second, the wheel hub motor has many advantages, the vehicle USES the wheel hub motor can be omitted, clutch component, transmission, differential, rear axle, transmission shaft and other transmission components.The most typical are the electric motorcycle and ordinary motorcycle.

The motor drives the wheels directly, not only eliminating the internal combustion engine, but also the gearbox, which changes from a chain to a motor.The hub motor saves some transmission parts and also saves a lot of space, which reduces the weight of the vehicle, and the transmission efficiency is also high!Moreover, the four wheels are independently controlled, and the differential speed between the wheels can be easily realized through electric control, without mechanical differential.

Third, the hub motor has a large amount of quality (weight). The hub motor has much more things than the ordinary car wheel hub, among which the motor quality is the largest.The quality of finished hub motor is above 30kg, and the overweight wheel has higher requirements on the system suspension system.

Four, life span.Permanent magnetic material may be degaussed at high temperature, and motor performance will inevitably decline after degaussing.The temperature of brake pad can reach more than 200 degrees. How to solve the problem of heat dissipation is a problem.In addition, the cost will be relatively high, and mature and stable electronic control technology will take some time to accumulate.