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Development prospects of street legal utility vehicles
- Aug 31, 2018 -

Development prospects of new energy electric car:

In the long history of mankind, we have experienced two changes in transportation, energy and power system, each of which has brought great changes to human production and life, and also made the leading country or region's economic take-off.This change took place in the 1860s, with the birth of steam engine technology as the main sign, it was coal and steam engine that greatly promoted the productivity of human society, initiated the industrial economy and industrial civilization of human, and thus triggered the industrial revolution in Europe, making European countries become the world economic power at that time.Street legal utility vehicles are manufactured and sold to the public.

The second change occurred in the 1870s, when oil and internal combustion engine replaced coal and steam engine, which led to the transformation of the world economic structure from light industry to heavy industry. Meanwhile, it also contributed to the economic boom of the United States and led to the economic system and material prosperity based on oil.

Today, human once again came to the traffic at the intersection of energy power system reform, the third change will be driven by electricity and battery (including fuel cells) to replace oil and internal combustion engine, the mankind into the era of clean energy, we bold prediction, the third traffic energy change will drive Asia's economic take-off in power system.Under the pressure of energy and environmental protection, new energy vehicles and low-speed electric vehicles will undoubtedly become the development direction of future automobiles.

What is inseparable from the production concentration is the product innovation and upgrading. According to the development of domestic and foreign small electric vehicle technology and the market demand, our factory improves the production standard and improves the after-sale service.Enhance brand awareness and improve product quality;Promote vehicle and component development.