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Daily Maintenance Of Electric Utility Vehicle
- Sep 11, 2018 -

1) check whether the Battery electrolyte of Electric Utility Vehicle is 10~15mm higher than the Battery plate. If it is lower than this standard, we should timely add deionized water to it.

2) electric sightseeing vehicles should be placed in a cool and dry place after use. It is strictly prohibited to directly expose them to the sun or rain, so as to prevent these natural environments from influencing their use time.

3) make regular inspection on whether the Electric Utility Vehicle is in good condition, such as whether the front and rear brakes are sensitive, whether the tire pressure is sufficient, whether the screw is loose, whether the vehicle is loud or not, and whether the battery is sufficient. If any abnormality is found, it shall be adjusted timely to prevent fault operation of the sightseeing vehicle.

4) sightseeing car Battery to check whether the cable is often fracture, a column is loose, do you have any corrosion phenomenon, such as if you have to unscrew the column nuts, attachment will be removed, with copper wire brush clean after use dry cloth to wipe clean, then coated with vaseline or rust-proof oil, otherwise it will cause the vehicle circuit fault;

5) check the parking brake and braking system regularly, and if any problem occurs, communicate with the after-sales servicedepartment of the manufacturer in a timely manner;

6) regularly lubricate all bearing points of Electric Utility Vehicle and regularly add Lubricating oil and Butter to prevent rust of internal components. The maintenance period of each bearing is 1 month/time.

7) for long-stored sightseeing cars, we need to regularly charge their batteries, so as to prevent the battery from losing power and affect the overall life of the sightseeing cars.