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Daily Maintenance Method of Small Street Legal Vehicles
- Sep 06, 2018 -

Maintenance Method of Small Street Legal Vehicles:

Corrosion protection is very important.The instruction manual lists the operation procedures of the corrosion protection of the automobile body, and the actual operation must be read carefully and comply with the requirements.

1) accumulation of salt, dust, moisture or chemicals in places that are not easily accessible at the bottom of the vehicle

(2) the vehicle is sprayed with stones and sand on the external surface

2. Environmental conditions that may lead to increased corrosion

1) the road salt, chemicals, sea  climate or industrial pollution will lead to corrosion

(2) the higher  degrees can accelerate the rate of corrosion.Metals are most corrosive when humidity is high and the temperature is just above water

3) make most of the body complete

4) for areas with poor ventilation that cannot be rapidly dried, higher temperatures will also increase the corrosion speed of vehicle parts.

The above information indicates that it is necessary to keep the body (especially the bottom of the vehicle) dry.It is also important to repair damaged protective coatings as soon as possible outside the edges.