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Composition of electric vehicle controller
- Aug 22, 2018 -

Electric vehicles provide great convenience for our travel, and their controllers play a leading role.

First of all, it is simple to say that the controller of the electric vehicle is composed of peripheral devices and main chips. The peripheral devices are mainly functional devices, such as execution and sampling, etc. They are resistors, sensors, bridge switching circuits, and auxiliary microcontrollers or dedicated circuits. The device that completes the control process with the integrated circuit. The single-chip microcomputer is also called a microcontroller. It is a memory, a decoder with a converted signal language, a sawtooth generator and a pulse width modulation function circuit on an integrated chip, and can turn on or off the switching circuit power tube. The computer chip is formed by integrating the driving time of the power tube with the driving circuit, the input and output ports, and the like for controlling the motor speed.

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