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China 4 Seater Electric Car suppliers layout new energy, nearly 100 car enterprises bet zero run?
- Aug 28, 2018 -

It is understood that when jia yueting's Letv supercar was caught in the hot seat by its creditors, Chinese electric car start-ups were hit hard: suppliers had become alarmed and they were no longer nice.

One notable change is that suppliers no longer let the wind of "reaching cooperation agreement with XXX" easily, for fear of "Letv second" and falling into the dilemma of not receiving receivables.



In addition, the initial investment of parts suppliers is also very large, and the production capacity is limited. Not all the development demands of new forces can be met.

As a result, many suppliers prefer to work with established automakers rather than take risks for new forces.

And that means that not all new power cars will find strong suppliers.

Add to this the fact that as a start-up, new car companies don't have scale and cost advantages and face more difficulties.


That is not to say, however, that car suppliers have closed their doors entirely to start-ups.

With the hot new energy market, many auto parts suppliers have increased their technical input in the new energy field and developed a series of electric drive technologies, including various hybrid technologies, plug-in hybrid technology, thermal management of electric drive system, and BMS battery management system.

Especially after the popularity of cheap 4 Seater Electric Car , semiconductor companies like infineon have achieved rapid growth in their automotive business.