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Cautions for electric vehicles used by the elderly
- Aug 23, 2018 -

1. Check the water level of the old scooter.

2. Cover the cap of the exhaust port tightly before charging.

3. Do not overcharge. Overcharging can result in large amounts of gas (water consumption), heat and aging of the battery.

4. Don't charge less. Undercharging can cause the battery to passivate.

5. Do not charge the frozen solidified battery.

6. Avoid charging the old scooter at temperatures above 49 °C.

7. After the battery is used every day, it should be charged no matter how many kilometers it travels.

8. Confirm that the charger is not faulty (voltage setting is correct).

9. Perform a balanced charge every three months to half a year, charging 1-2 hours each time.

The extension of the life of the old scooter is mainly for the protection of the battery, and the normative use of the old scooter method, which is especially important.