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Can lithium batteries be used in Electric Powered Golf Carts ?
- Aug 25, 2018 -

Can lithium batteries be used in low speed electric vehicles?

Here are some things to consider:

1. Will the frequency of accidents increase compared with existing new energy vehicles?This comparison is mainly based on several comparisons: the quantity base of low-speed electric cars themselves, the strict cost constraint and the time problem of new introduction;

2. Will the current market demand, the time required for the entire compliance process, and the shorter follow-up period increase the risk?Many accidents have occurred in the development process of new energy vehicles. The vehicle enterprises are mature in accident trial and error and problem improvement, and have relatively long time to implement development and system safety verification.;The driving of high market demand for low speed electric vehicles will make the improvement process of relevant enterprises much shorter.

3. The market of low-speed electric vehicles is characterized by private market decentralization. If the first two items are not done properly, it may lead to a second accident after the self-ignition of low-speed electric vehicles, which will affect houses or other parked vehicles.