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Are Road Legal Electric Vehicles belong to Non-motor vehicle?
- Sep 19, 2018 -

Are Road Legal Electric Vehicles  belong to Non-motor vehicle?

Electric four-wheeled vehicles are motor vehicles.

The definition of a motor vehicle is a wheeled vehicle driven or towed by a power device, which is used on the road for people to ride or transport goods and carry out special engineering operations.

According to the national regulations on motor vehicle safety inspection standards, the types of motor vehicles can be divided into the following:

* large vehicles: vehicles with a total mass of more than 4,500kg, or a length of 6 meters or more, or with a passenger capacity of 20 or more.

* small vehicles: vehicles with a total mass of less than 4,500kg (including 4,500kg), a length of less than 6m, or with fewer than 20 passengers.

* special vehicle: refers to the special equipment with special purpose, including sweeper, instrument vehicle, postal vehicle, automobile crane and so on.

* special vehicles: emergency vehicles with special special purposes, including fire fighting vehicles, rescue vehicles, emergency vehicles, police vehicles, traffic accident vehicles, etc.

* tram: a vehicle which is driven by an electric motor and has a set of electric poles to run on the track.

* trolley bus: a vehicle driven by an electric motor, with a set of poles and wheels.

* battery car: a vehicle driven by an electric motor and powered by a battery.

Therefore, it can be seen from the definition and classification of motor vehicles that electric four-wheeled vehicles belong to motor vehicles.