NEV Vehicles

Our standard NEV Vehicles are equipped with flood-battery, li-ion battery optional. Top Speed: 45km/h Climb: 25% Range: 120km

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NEV Vehicles Brief Introduction

Our standard NEV Vehicless are equipped with flood-battery, li-ion battery optional.

NEV Vehicles

Advantages: The technology is relatively simple and mature, and can be charged as long as there is power supply.

Disadvantages: The storage capacity of the battery unit weight is too small, and because the battery of the electric vehicle is relatively expensive, and the economic scale is not formed, the purchase price is relatively expensive. As for the use cost, some of the use price is more expensive than the car, and some prices are only for the car 1 /3, this depends mainly on the battery life and local oil and electricity prices.

NEV Vehicles Advantages

NEV Vehicles


Refers to a car that can at least derive power from the energy stored in two types of vehicles:

A consumable fuel or rechargeable energy/energy storage device.

According to the structural form of the power system, it can be divided into the following three categories:

Series Hybrid Electric Vehicle (SHEV): The driving force of a vehicle is only derived from a hybrid (electric) vehicle of an electric motor. The structural feature is that the engine drives the generator to generate electricity, and the electric energy is sent to the motor through the motor controller, and the motor drives the car to travel. In addition, the power battery can also provide power to the motor alone to drive the car.

Parallel hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV): A hybrid (electric) vehicle in which the driving force of the vehicle is supplied simultaneously or separately by the electric motor and the engine. The structural feature is that the parallel drive system can use the engine or the electric motor alone as the power source, or can use the electric motor and the engine as the power source to drive the car at the same time.

NEV Vehicles Technical Parameters:

NEV Vehicles

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