Neighborhood Electric Vehicles

Neighborhood Electric Vehicles is a low speed electric vehicle suitable for teenagers, retired people driven in communities and neighborhoods, they are also legal to drive on road marked 30MPH or less.

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Neighborhood Electric Vehicles Brief Introduction

Our standard Neighborhood Electric Vehicles are with flood-battery, li-ion battery optional.

Neighborhood Electric Vehicles

Neighborhood Electric Vehicles Features

  • Pratical: the small size enables our street legal electric vehicles run through most roads, streets, alleys and other places with narrow entrance.

  • Economical: No gas needed, pure electric powered from batteries, low operate cost.

  • Sustainable:  No emission during operate, make your travel green.

  • Safe: Our street legal electric vehicle are with turning signals, low&high lights, disc-brakes, safety belt and etc to keep the passenger's safe during moving.

  • Comfortable: Full automotive seats and doors, AC and heater make sure the driver and passenger comfortable during moving.

  • Fully Closed: Different from golf carts, our street legal electric vehicles are fully closed, no fear of bad weathers.

Neighborhood Electric Vehicles 7 Fashion Colors

neighborhood electric vehicle

Neighborhood Electric Vehicles Configuration Table

K 参数.jpg

Neighborhood Electric Vehicle Space

neighborhood electric vehicles

Neighborhood Electric Vehicles FAQ

Q1: Which countries dealers are you looking for? 

A1: Currently, we are looking for dealers in Left Hand Driving countries.(The steering is on the left side of car)

Q2: Are you vehicles with batteries?

A2: Our K series vechiles are with battery, S series are without. But you have the choice to choose with or without batteries, also we accept customize Li-ion batteries.

Q3: How about after sale?

A3: We offer free training for after-sale, also offer spare parts at cost price all the time.

Q4: How about the homologation at local?

A4: We will offer all documents you need for homologation, please let us know what you need.

Q5: What power supply does the charge need?

A5: Household electrisity will do, same power supply with your dryer and AC.

Q6: How many cars do I need to order first time?

A6: The MOQ is different for different model cars, please consult our sales, generally it is 2-4 cars.

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