Smallest Street Legal Cars

Smallest Street Legal Cars Brief Introduction Our standard Smallest Street Legal Cars are equipped with flood-battery, li-ion battery optional. Top Speed: 45km/h Range: 120km Climb: 25%

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Smallest Street Legal Cars Brief Introduction

Our standard Smallest Street Legal Cars are equipped with maintenance free flood-battery.

Smallest Street Legal Cars

working equipment

The working device is specially designed for the industrial electric vehicle to complete the operation requirements, such as the lifting device of the electric forklift, the door frame, the fork and the like. The lifting of the fork and the tilting of the gantry are usually done by a motor-driven hydraulic system.

Smallest Street Legal Cars Features

Smallest Street Legal Cars

Charging equipment

The driving power of the electric motor is derived from an in-vehicle rechargeable battery or other energy storage device.

electric car

electric car

Most of the vehicles are driven directly by electric motors. Some vehicles have electric motors in the engine compartment, and some have direct wheels as the rotors of four electric motors. The difficulty lies in power storage technology.

The driving power of the electric motor itself does not emit harmful gases that pollute the atmosphere. Even if it is converted into power plant emissions according to the amount of electricity consumed, other pollutants are significantly reduced in addition to sulfur and particulates.

Electric vehicles can also make full use of the surplus power charging in the evening power grid, so that power generation equipment can be fully utilized day and night, greatly improving its economic benefits. It is these advantages that make the research and application of electric vehicles a "hot spot" in the automotive industry.

Similar to the ICM step-wave six-stage charging of mobile phone charging, it has better desulfurization effect, can activate the battery first, and then perform maintenance-type fast charging. It has timing, full alarm, computer fast charge, password control, self-identification voltage. Multi-protection, four-way output and other functions, supporting universal output interface, can quickly charge all electric vehicles. Shopping malls, supermarkets, hospitals, parking lots, residential gates, roadside canteens and other public places.

In the car charging network construction mode, in the process of charging facilities, the problem that needs to be broken is the problem of charging service network. The power department relies on the existing parking facilities to build a micro-grid, distributed, integrated rechargeable and interchangeable full-featured charging station according to local conditions, which can avoid two short boards in the charging mode: First, the charging time is long, two The parking environment is limited.

Smallest Street Legal Cars Parameters Table

Smallest Street Legal Cars

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