Small Golf Cart

Small Golf Cart Brief Introduction Our standard Small Golf Cart are equipped with flood-battery, li-ion battery optional. Top Speed: 45km/h Range: 120km Climb: 25%

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Small Golf Cart Brief Introduction

Our standard Small Golf Cart are with lead-acid battery, Li-ion battery also optional.

Small Golf Cart

Simple structure and easy maintenance

Electric vehicles are simpler in structure than internal combustion engines, with fewer running and transmission components, and less maintenance and repair work. When an AC induction motor is used, the motor does not require maintenance and, more importantly, the electric vehicle is easy to handle.

Power this high driving range is short

The current electric vehicle is not as good as the internal combustion engine technology, especially the power supply (battery) has a short life and high cost of use. The battery has low energy storage, and the mileage is not ideal after one charge, and the price of the electric car is relatively expensive. However, from the perspective of development, with the advancement of science and technology, the corresponding human and material resources will be invested, and the problem of electric vehicles will be gradually solved. In order to avoid weaknesses, electric vehicles will gradually become popular, and their prices and use costs will inevitably decrease.

Supporting the development of grid technology

Operation characteristics of electric vehicle battery exchange station, replacement station as key technology and control strategy for distributed energy storage unit to access the grid; screening principle, group method and system scheme for battery ladder utilization; replacement station multi-purpose converter device; replacement station Integrated monitoring system with energy storage station; integrated demonstration project of replacement station and energy storage station.

The characteristics of electric vehicle charging demand and the impact of large-scale electric vehicle charging on the power grid; the orderly charging control management system for electric vehicles; and the orderly charging test system for electric vehicles.

Control strategy and key technologies for interaction between electric vehicles and power grids; intelligent charging and discharging machines for electric vehicles, intelligent vehicle terminals and interactive coordinated control systems for electric vehicles and power grids; interactive experimental verification systems for electric vehicles and power grids; and inspection and testing technologies for charging and discharging facilities for electric vehicles.

New charging and discharging technology for electric vehicles; intelligent charging and discharging control strategy and detection technology for electric vehicles; key technologies for interactive operation of charging facilities and power grids.

Large-scale electric vehicle battery replacement technology, metering and billing, asset management technology; business model for charging facility operation; operation management system construction plan for intelligent charging and replacing service network based on Internet of Things.

Small Golf Cart Advantages

Small Golf Cart

Small Golf Cart Configuration

Small Golf Cart


Q1. Is there a warranty?

A: Our electric vehicles comes with 1 year warranty for motor, controller, battery and other important parts. Any damage incurred by improper usage/ negligence would not be covered by the warranty.

Q2. Can I have a sample/ place a trial order?

A: Sure. Samples are available for you to check quality.

Q3. What’s the delivery time?

A: Generally, it takes 15 to 30 days to finish an order. Exact delivery time would be confirmed by further communication.

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