New Energy Cars

New Energy Cars Brief Introduction Our standard New Energy Cars are equipped with flood-battery, li-ion battery optional. Top Speed: 45km/h Range: 120km Climb: 25%

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New Energy Cars Brief Introduction

Our standard New Energy Cars are equipped with maintenance free flood-battery.

New Energy Cars

Hybrid Electric Vehicle (CHEV): A hybrid (electric) vehicle with both series and parallel drive. The structural feature is that it can work in series mixing mode or in parallel mixing mode, taking into account the characteristics of series and parallel.

(Note: With the development of hybrid electric vehicle technology, its type is not limited to the above, and can be divided according to other types.)

Those who typically use conventional fuels are equipped with an electric motor/engine to improve low speed power output and fuel consumption. In the domestic market, the mainstream of hybrid vehicles is gasoline hybrid, and the development of diesel hybrid vehicles in the international market is also very fast.

New Energy Cars Features

New Energy Cars


1. After the hybrid power is used, the maximum power of the internal combustion engine can be determined according to the average power required, and the power is operated under the optimal working conditions of low fuel consumption and low pollution. When the power of the high-powered internal combustion engine is insufficient, it is supplemented by the battery; when the load is low, the surplus power can generate electricity to charge the battery. Since the internal combustion engine can work continuously, the battery can be continuously charged, so the stroke is the same as that of the ordinary automobile.

2. Thanks to the battery, it is very convenient to recover the energy during braking, downhill, and idling.

3. In the prosperous urban area, the internal combustion engine can be shut down and driven by batteries to achieve “zero” emissions.

4. With the internal combustion engine, it is very convenient to solve the problems encountered in pure electric vehicles such as air conditioners, heating, and defrosting.

5. You can use your existing gas station to refuel without having to invest again.

6. The battery can be kept in good working condition without overcharging and over-discharging, prolonging its service life and reducing costs.

Disadvantages: Long-distance high-speed driving is basically not fuel-efficient.

New Energy Cars Parameters Table

New Energy Cars

Maintenance Tips:

After using for half a year, it's better to do a battery maintenance at the maintenance point. Replenish electrolyte of the battery properly, adjust the specific gravity of electrolyte, check its power storage status, keep the specific gravity of electrolyte of battery, and increase the number of charging when necessary.At the same time, clean the battery terminal, and apply special grease to protect it is also very important, this can guarantee the electric vehicle start time reliable, prolong the battery life.

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