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EV Cars Brief Introduction Our standard EV Cars are equipped with flood-battery, li-ion battery optional. Top Speed: 45km/h Range: 120km Climb: 25%

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EV Cars Brief Introduction

Our standard EV Cars are install with maintenance free flood-battery.

EV Cars

Motor and control system

A pure electric vehicle replaces the fuel machine with an electric motor and is driven by a motor without the need for an automatic transmission. Compared with the automatic transmission, the motor has a simple structure, mature technology and reliable operation.

Conventional internal combustion engines can limit the speed at which torque is efficiently generated to a narrow range, which is why conventional internal combustion engine vehicles require large and complex shifting mechanisms; and motors can efficiently generate torque over a relatively wide range of speeds. In the pure electric vehicle driving process, there is no need to shift the shifting device, the operation is convenient and easy, and the noise is low.

Compared with hybrid vehicles, pure electric vehicles use a single electric energy source. The electronic control system greatly reduces the internal mechanical transmission system of the automobile, and the structure is simplified, and the energy loss and noise caused by friction of mechanical parts are also reduced, thereby saving the interior space of the automobile. weight.

The motor drive control system is the main execution structure of the new energy vehicle. The drive motor and its control system are one of the core components (battery, motor, electric control) of the new energy vehicle. The driving characteristics determine the main performance of the car. Indicator, which is an important part of electric vehicles. Fuel cell vehicles FCV, hybrid vehicle HEV and pure electric vehicle EV in electric vehicles all use electric motors to drive the wheels. Choosing the right motor is an important factor to improve the cost performance of various electric vehicles. Therefore, research and development can improve At the same time, it is extremely important to meet the performance requirements of the vehicle during driving, and to have a motor drive that is durable, low in cost, and high in performance.

EV Cars Features

EV Cars

EV Cars Parameters Table

EV Cars

Little Tips:

Electric sight-seeing car battery is strictly prohibited to be in the state of loss.The state of loss of electricity refers to that electric sightseeing vehicles are not charged in time after use.When the battery is stored in the state of loss, sulfuric acid salinization is easy to occur. Lead sulfate crystals are attached to the plate, which will block the ion channel and cause insufficient charging.

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