Battery Driven Vehicles

Battery Driven Vehicles Brief Introduction Our standard Battery Driven Vehicles are equipped with flood-battery, li-ion battery optional. Top Speed: 45km/h Range: 120km Climb: 25%

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Battery Driven Vehicles Brief Introduction

Our standard Battery Driven Vehicles are with lead-acid battery, also Li-ion battery is optional.

AC and BMS are optional too.

Battery Driven Vehicles

New energy electric vehicles:

As a new energy electric scooter electric car, we must have a good spare parts supporting system and production platform to ensure that energy electric vehicles as a stylish means of transportation, in terms of parts and components and production platforms can To reach the level of the A00 class car, it is an electric car that can experiment through various collisions! In terms of driving performance, the car uses a 4000W AC brushless motor, equipped with a 60V 120AH battery, the speed can reach 60KM per hour, and the cruising range reaches 130-150 kilometers. As a member of the vulgar electric car, the product is Very good! The price of the product is cheap, and it is also the price range that the people can accept! Electric cars shelter you from the wind and rain, the travel companions in the lives of ordinary people! Electric cars add color to your life!

Battery Driven Vehicles Advantages

Battery Driven Vehicles

Battery Driven Vehicles Technical Parameters

Battery Driven Vehicles

Selling points:,safe,absolutely comfortable.

2.Economic and environmental protection.

3.Higher configuration at this price.

4.Designed and manufactured according to automotive standard.

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