Street Legal Utility Vehicles

Street Legal Utility Vehicles

street legal utility vehicles Brief Introduction Our street legal utility vehicles are equipped with flood-battery, li-ion battery optional. Range: 120km Top Speed: 45km/h Power: 3KW Battery: 100A 120A optional

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Street Legal Utility Vehicles Brief Introduction

Our Street Legal Utility Vehicles are street legal on road marked 30MPH or less.

Small electric car, small body, safety and environmental protection.The biggest feature is the car's small space and the back seat is still not crowded with three people.Its low price, superior performance, realize the dream of many people owning a car,

street legal utility vehicles

street legal utility vehicles

7 Vivid Colors, also accept customize

street legal utility vehicles

Street Legal Utility Vehicles Features

street legal utility vehicles

Street Legal Utility Vehicles Configuration Tablestreet legal utility vehicles

When cleaning the vehicle, please note:

1.Place the vehicle where the sun does not directly reach it.

2. When cleaning the wheels and floor with a pressurized water gun, pay attention to this is an electric car, do not wash the cars like cleaning, especially the idea of electronic components do not clean.

3. Wash the dust on the car with running water. Brush should be used inch.Hard objects that may damage paint and plastics are strictly prohibited.Must remember headlamp chimney is plastic product.

4. Clean after power off

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