Mini Electric Vehicle

Mini Electric Vehicle Brief Introduction Our Mini Electric Vehicles are equipped with flood-battery, li-ion battery optional. Range: 120km Top Speed: 45km/h Power: 3KW Battery: 100A 120A optional

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Mini Electric Vehicle Brief Introduction

Our Mini Electric Vehicle are equipped with flood-battery, li-ion battery optional.

Mini Electric Vehicle

Climate change, energy and environmental issues are long-term problems facing human society. As the United States expresses its return to COP15 (the 15th meeting of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) and emerging countries such as China and India, and the major countries actively implement energy and environmental protection strategies, the world has entered An era that truly solves the common problems of human society. Whether the three major problems of greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption and exhaust emissions in the transportation sector can effectively solve the common problems that directly affect humanity can be effectively solved. For this reason, the major governments, organizations, automobile manufacturers, energy suppliers and venture capital companies in the world Acting to promote the global automotive industry industrial structure upgrade and power system electrification strategic transformation, promote the formation of a multi-level structure of electric vehicle social basic industry and the corresponding policy, organizational security system, and promote the formation of sustainable development of electric car society .

Mini Electric Vehicle

Mini Electric Vehicle

Mini Electric Vehicle Advantages

Mini Electric Vehicle

The research and development of electric vehicle batteries has gone through the development process from lead-acid batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries to lithium batteries, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Lead-acid batteries have the earliest appearance and the longest use time, belonging to the battery series. Lead-acid batteries have the best safety performance, and there are few explosions and fires, but the energy storage effect is not ideal. Later, people developed a nickel-hydrogen battery, which is more effective than lead-acid batteries. However, since the hydrogen generated by the nickel-hydrogen battery during charging is prone to explosion, enterprises can use nickel-hydrogen batteries. status.

By the year 2000, people had successfully developed lithium batteries. The lithium battery stores 2 to 3 times more power than a lead-acid battery, but because it contains lithium ions that are active on the surface of the metal layer, it is prone to spontaneous combustion and explosion in the air, which is more dangerous. Therefore, the research and development of lithium batteries in various countries is mainly to control its safety and stability.

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"A lithium battery can be recharged about 1000 times. The lithium iron phosphate battery has a lower energy storage effect than the lithium cobalt oxide battery and the lithium manganese oxide battery, but it has the best safety performance and the energy storage ratio than the lead acid battery. It is much higher, so now the lithium iron phosphate battery is the most favored." Zhuang Tong said.

Mini Electric Vehicle Configuration Table

Mini Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles' characteristics: 

1). Our electric vehicle have are famous in china, unique new models, innovative modeling, can match with the market requirement.

2).Try to make the comfortable and safety electric vehicle in globe. safe fashion, high cost. 

3. We have rich making experience, have world's leading technology.

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