Battery Powered Utility Vehicles

Battery Powered Utility Vehicles

battery powered utility vehicles Brief Introduction Our battery powered utility vehicles are equipped with flood-battery, li-ion battery optional. Range: 120km Top Speed: 45km/h Power: 3KW Battery: 100A 120A optional

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Battery Powered Utility Vehicles Brief Introduction

Our Battery Powered Utility Vehicles are street legal on road marked 30MPH or less.

Small electric car, small body, safety and environmental protection.The biggest feature is the car's small space and the back seat is still not crowded with three people.Its low price, superior performance, realize the dream of many people owning a car,

battery powered utility vehicles

At the National Testing Center, Battery Powered Utility Vehicles successfully passed low temperature start (-20 ° C), high speed loop, long wave road, pebble road, fish scale pit road, twisted road, Belgian road, raft road, low adhesion coefficient road, and All kinds of harsh tests such as climbing ability, spray, wading, noise, etc., are intact and normal.

Small body, big function, lighter than the Mini car, Dacheng Shangpin is a personality, rejects mediocrity, is as easy to drive and practical as a car, as comfortable and safe as a car, under the same conditions, the power output is higher than similar models in the market. It is a further enrichment of the brand of Dayang brand, an important product of enterprise structure transformation, a tool to open up the blue ocean market, and an important pillar for the subsequent development of the company. It is unique, enthusiasm and smart, and stands out in the style of fashion, simplicity and exquisiteness, and becomes the development direction of electric vehicles in the future.

battery powered utility vehicles

Configuring single:

1: Central console professional car layout, LCD digital instrument panel, dual audio

2: Panoramic ventilation sunroof, ventilation convection, summer natural ventilation air conditioning, warm air conditioning in winter, to solve the shortcomings of general electric vehicles without air conditioning

3: Perforated leather seat, compact two-seat, high-end comfort, 360-degree folding adjustable rearview mirror

4: European standard, automotive-grade seat belt system passed 3C and EU certification

5: Four-wheel aluminum alloy wheels, four-wheel disc brakes, vacuum tires, combined LED taillights, passenger four-wheel electric vehicles:

 It takes 140-150 kilometers for 8-10 hours on a single charge, and the cruising range is twice that of a typical four-wheeled electric vehicle.

7 Different Colors, also accept customize

battery powered utility vehicles

Battery Powered Utility Vehicles Features

battery powered utility vehicles

Battery Powered Utility Vehicles Configuration Tablebattery powered utility vehicles

Electric cars' feature:

Don't forget the protect environment!

100% electric power, no fuel, 0 emissions.

Traveling with Electric Vehicle, traveling with Green World.

Battery Powered Utility Vehicles Looking for distributors around the world, welcome to consult.

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