New Electric Car

New Electric Car Brief Introduction Our New Electric Cars are equipped with flood-battery, li-ion battery optional. Range: 120km Top Speed: 45km/h Power: 3KW Battery: 100A 120A optional

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New Electric Car Brief Introduction


Power Supply:

To provide electric power to the driving motor of an electric car.

The motor transforms the electric energy of the power supply into mechanical energy.The most widely used power source is lead-acid battery, but with the development of electric vehicle technology, lead-acid battery is gradually replaced by other batteries due to its low energy, slow charging speed and short life.The developing power supply mainly includes sodium sulfur battery, nickel cadmium battery, lithium battery and fuel cell, etc. The application of these new power sources opens up a broad prospect for the development of electric vehicles.

New Electric Car

New Electric Car

New Electric Car Features

New Electric Car

New Electric Car Technical Parameters

New Electric Car

Product Features:

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Our electric cars with mechanical braking system,,Simple structure and easy operation,Realized plenty of power,Durable,No noise pollution,flexible operation,Stable driving performance and other advantages.

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