Good Electric Cars

Good Electric Cars

good electric cars Brief Introduction Our good electric cars are equipped with flood-battery, li-ion battery optional. Range: 120km Top Speed: 45km/h Power: 3KW Battery: 100A 120A optional

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Product Details

Good Electric Cars Brief Introduction

Our Good Electric Cars are street legal on road marked 30MPH or less.

Standard Battery: Lead-acid

Optional Battery: Li-ion

Product Features:

The development of energy-saving and new energy vehicles is an important measure to reduce fuel consumption, alleviate the contradiction between fuel supply and demand, reduce exhaust emissions, improve the atmospheric environment, and promote technological progress and optimization and upgrading of the automobile industry.Four-wheel new energy electric vehicle is simpler in structure, less noise and less maintenance work.

good electric cars

good electric cars

7 Different Colors, also accept customize

good electric cars

Good Electric Cars Features

good electric cars

Good Electric Cars Configuration Tablegood electric cars

Quality Tips:

Four-wheel electric vehicle manufacturing entry requirements are relatively low, most manufacturers do not even have production qualifications.There has not yet been any accident caused by the quality problem of four-wheel electric vehicles, but the quality of products will directly affect the cost of use.

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