Electric Car Manufacturers

Electric Car Manufacturers

Electric Car Manufacturers Brief Introduction Our Street Legal Electric Cars are equipped with flood-battery, li-ion battery optional. Range: 120km Top Speed: 45km/h Power: 3KW Battery: 100A 120A optional

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Product Details

Largest Electric Car Manufacturers in Central China

Our Electric Car Manufacturers are street legal on road marked 30MPH or less.

Accept customize Li-ion batteries.

Accept customize AC.

Product Advantage:

The application of four-wheel new energy electric vehicles can effectively reduce the dependence on oil resources, and the limited oil can be used for more important aspects.Power charged to batteries can be converted from coal, natural gas, hydro, nuclear, solar, wind and tidal energy sources.In addition, if the battery is charged at night, it can avoid the peak of electricity consumption, which can help balance the load of the grid and reduce the cost.

Electric Car Manufacturers

Electric Car Manufacturers

7 Different Colors, also accept customize

Electric Car Manufacturers

Electric Car Manufacturers Advantages

Electric Car Manufacturers

Electric Car Manufacturers Technical ParametersElectric Car Manufacturers

More Details:

The motor is the main driving part of the trolley, the heart of the trolley.The quality of the motor directly affects the performance of the trolley.

It is necessary to keep the body (especially the underside) dry for long trolley life.It is also important to repair damaged protective coatings as soon as possible.

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