Compact Electric Car

Compact Electric Car

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Features of Elactric Car:

1.No pollution, low noise

2.High energy efficiency and diversity

3.Simple structure and convenient maintenance

4.Short driving distance on high power

5.Support the development of grid technologies

Compact Electric Car Dimension

Compact Electric Car

Compact Electric Car Details

Compact Electric Car
Compact Electric Car
Compact Electric CarCompact Electric Car

Compact Electric Car Configation:

Compact Electric Car

Electric Vehicles' Standard: 

1.The r&d, manufacturing and operation of electric vehicles must comply with relevant national laws and regulations.The performance of the whole vehicle and parts must meet the national technical standards and specific requirements.2. Electric vehicles, driven by electric motors, are powered by electricity and no longer generate new pollution or potential hazards of inflammable or explosive.

3. Batteries for energy storage of electric vehicles must be pollution-free and environment-friendly.It also has a durable life

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